Events and Updates

The core responsibility of cornerstone Independence High School is to single-handedly assess students’ ability in various subjects, provide solution to their problems and intensify efforts in meeting their needs academically.


Cornerstone Independence High School was established in September 2009. Also licensed and approved by State Ministry of Education to develop and provide educational services at junior and senior secondary school classes.
The school is founded by M.T. EKUNDAYO. At the onset, the founder went from house to house to giving home–lesson to primary school pupils and students of various educational backgrounds that was in 1996, his marvelous influence on the performance of the student in their various school convinced their parents that he must have been entrusted with a divine assignment to better the lots of our future leaders educationally and morally.
The home–lessons continued till 2001 when he was inspired by God to establish a coaching centre which had Cornerstone Success Coaching Institute Ilorin as its initial name. The primary aim of the centre that time was to coach secondary school drop-out and slow-learners in order to assist them to make good grades when given the opportunity to sit or re-sit for West African School Certificate Examination (WAEC) or General Certificate In Education (GCE) Examination Also by 2003 Mr. Ekundayo was inspired again to go into advanced level training, IJMB ‘A’ levels which has made hundreds of students to merit admission to 200level of major Universities in Nigeria and abroad.
Parent and Guardians who were determined to give sound education to their children and wards at all cost, and were pre-occupied by the taught of training them up to the university level summoned courage to register them in Cornerstone Success Coaching Institute, Ilorin, believing that the intensive coaching being given by the instructor of the school would not go unrewarded. The brilliant performance of students who later re-sat for their failed paper in GCE examination, having undergone the coaching organized by the centre motivated more parents and guardians to register their children and ward also. By 2009 cornerstone had become a household name and found its way into the minds of all sundry. People then repose confidence in the quality of the education given by the seasoned teachers in the centre. The pioneering students were eleven (11) in number while teachers were six (6).
The first principal of the school was Mrs. Ruth Alalade. The centre metamorphosed into CORNERSTONE INDEPENDENT HIGH SCHOOL owning to the persistent yearnings of parents coming to the school from time to time to meet the management. They gave some piece of advice that the centre should be transformed into an approved school, as God would have it, the school took off in September 2009 with the co-operation of the State Ministry of Education.
In the 2011 WAEC/NECO recognition inspection were conducted, and it listed for three days each. The team of inspectors from state ministry, WAEC and NECO who conducted the inspection gave favorable reports after thorough assessment of the teachers, educational equipment and facilities available.
Cornerstone, being an umbrella name, also has a coaching centre attached to it. This centre aims at enhancing students’ success in various examinations. Through intensive coaching, students are prepared for the following Examinations:
  • Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE)
  • General Certificate in Education (GCE)
  • Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME)
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN)
  • Cambridge
  • Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination (IJMB)
  • International University Foundation Programme (IUFP)
  • Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • SAT I & II
Students who have passed out from Secondary Schools with failures in some specific subjects, and do not want to go to a regular school in order to make good grades in those subjects in which they are deficient are enrolled. Age is no barrier to enrolment as students do not wear school uniforms.
Classes are open to students from morning to evening. Students and working-class citizens who are engaged in other places in the early hours of the day are taught in the evenings. Particular attention is paid to those areas in which the students are weak and given necessary assistance.
Since the main objective of the extra-moral classes is improving the educational standard of the students, those who are better what they taught in their respective schools. This makes them to excel in their school internal exams. People who have never been to school in their lives for one reason or the other are taught the art of reading and writing by seasoned teachers. As a result of this, those who have missed the opportunity to be educated at the school ages are given the chance to regain what they have lost in their past lives.
Cornerstone extra-mural classes which do not only assist drop-outs to make good grades in their filed papers in examination like GCE and SSCE also provide avenue for good and brilliant students to be fully engaged in intellectual activities. This is done by occupying them in academic work during holidays to give room for continuity in learning.
The required physical facilities, well-equipped laboratories, educational materials and conducive environment are in place to bring about maximum and effective teaching and learning. The school also has adequate and highly qualified experiences teachers for the smooth running of the programmes.
Welcome to cornerstone Independent High School where time and space are given for full Education.